Liknoss GDS

An integrated access control and check-in system

SeaEmbark is an integrated access control and check-in system ideal for recording, monitoring and managing data of incoming and outgoing passengers, vehicles and parcels at the port facility. SeaEmbark is compliant with the ISPS Code requirements.

The system resolves security issues caused during passengers’ and vehicles’ control process, it offers extensive information of the traffic to the local community, while at the same time it is an important tool for the commercial development of the port and the local businesses.

SeaEmbark’s sub-systems, designed for the check-in and access control processes, include: 

  • A central database (at premise or in the cloud), where all the necessary data concerning the routes to/from the port or the passengers numbers that are embarking/disembarking are stored, according to the ISPS guidelines.
  • An application server which is the core base of the system and it is used for the transmission of messages between shipping companies, the port database, and the client programs.
  • Web Application Servers that host interconnections with end-users and interfaces with third-party systems. 
  • A secure connection with the systems of Maritime companies, Cruise Lines, Yachting services that operate routes whether or not under the ISPS code. The central database is updated with ticket information issued by the travel agents or embarkation-disembarkation lists provided by stakeholders, through an API implementation. Additionally, SeaEmbark enables communication with the reservation and distribution systems of the stakeholders, updating data in real time. Consequently, the solution reduces the number of separate interfaces needed for an efficient communication with the systems of each Ferry Company. 
  • Local authorities and public services connections (municipality, police, immigration, customs, local hotels), allow the flow of information of traffic in the port area. 
  • Web services provision that can integrate the data information in any web application.
  • Seamless integration with port security infrastructure (cameras, turnstiles, etc.)
  • Can operate at different premise security levels providing adjusted parameterized functionality (e.g., to connect to specific areas cameras when an incident is reported)

Liknoss is the Strategic Partner of the most established companies in the European Ferry Industry