Liknoss GDS

A service designed to provide to Travel Marketplaces a large ferry route inventory with one commercial agreement.

Our Partners gain access to a growing roster of over 50 Ferry Companies, with new content being introduced every month.

Why use LIKNOSS Content:

  • The use of a unified credit limit for all the preferred cooperations, maximizing financial control while minimizing the risk of financial exposure. 
  • Less administration workload, since the billing process is performed by LIKNOSS. 
  • Increased Revenue – competitive commissions for every ferry operator.
  • Constant addition of new Ferry Companies.

Ferry operators can also benefit by LIKNOSS Content service.
With one commercial agreement, they may gain access to the rapidly expanding LIKNOSS Agencies’ network. Having a reliable partner reduces administrative costs, simplifies procedures, and enhances communication, enabling the resale of the services in real-time with full transparency.


Liknoss is the Strategic Partner of the most established companies in the European Ferry Industry