Liknoss GDS

LIKNOSS GDS: Leading the way in Ferry Ticket Distribution across the seas offering innovative, end-to-end services.

LIKNOSS GDS is the premier solution for Connecting Ferry Companies and Travel Market Places, enabling Seamless Booking, Innovation, and Growth.

The term GDS, Global Distribution System, means an electronic services distribution system that connects the reservation mechanisms of the ferry companies with the booking applications used by Travel Agencies and Online Travel Marketplaces. LIKNOSS GDS seamlessly delivers the content of over 80 Ferry Companies to nearly 3000 directly connected Travel Agents, spanning both Greece and international locations.


As a Travel Agency / OTA / Tour Operator/ Online Travel Marketplace: Through LIKNOSS GDS, our Partners benefit from a unified interface as well as developer tools (APIs) that enable custom integrations over Liknoss content, encompassing all ferry companies. This provides streamlined management of agreements and commissions, central control over credit limits for the majority of those companies and comprehensive reporting access,  thus reducing the staff training requirements. Moreover, the system effectively cuts operating costs, enabling travel agencies to concentrate on their business plans and their goal to enhance the customer experience.

As a Ferry Operator: LIKNOSS GDS offers Ferry Companies a single interface connecting them to their travel network. This interface ensures secure access to the Ferry Company’s booking system, preserving their policies and maintaining control over commercial agreements. One of the key benefits of using LIKNOSS GDS is the dynamic network expansion, continually adding Travel Agents from around the world to its client base. Furthermore, LIKNOSS GDS is a technology-driven system that effectively manages the high volume of online sales during peak periods, reducing the risk of errors in ferry company systems. LIKNOSS GDS streamlines day-to-day operations for ferry companies, resulting in lower administrative costs.